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I was trained in Yin by one of the greatest Yin masters – Norman Blair and since then has become one of my favourite styles of yoga to both teach and practise. Yin is all about quality as opposed to quantity. It’s one of the most meditative forms of yoga and is amazing for flexibility.

Yin is a far quieter, more grounding form of yoga than most;  where positions are held for long periods of time in order to stretch beyond the muscle fibre and into connective tissue or fascia. Yin, perhaps more than any other type of yoga, favours function over form. It focuses on target areas and recognises that every body is different, everyone’s anatomy and history are unique and this means each pose affects each person differently.

In a world that moves at 100 miles an hour this type of yoga can benefit the mind as much as the body. 

You should come away from a Yin class feeling grounded and calm but also with a greater understanding of your unique body, its limitations and its capabilities. Your body is an amazing feat of engineering – this is about connective with it and working with the physical body and the mental body as one. 

I currently teach 2 Yin classes on a relaxed, non regular basis:

YIN AT MY INN  75 min class at my inn for a max of 5 students, with a lot of personal attention. These are held approximately one every 5 weeks.

SHIFT HAPPENS a two hour Yin intensive for a max of 30 students held every 2 months.


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