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I embrace each individual’s uniqueness, both strengths and weaknesses are all part of our journey and make us who we are.  Because of this I teach mixed level groups and not designated levels…even a group of beginners or advanced yogis are totally unique from one another. They have different ages, different mental and anatomical history, different abilities strengths and weaknesses and from week to week all of these factors can change. 


For this reason I tailor my classes to suit a variety of levels by offering a multitude of modifications in each class with the emphasis on each individual working with their uniqueness.

I try to help my students to love them selves for who they are, not compete, compare nor judge. 

I am passionate about helping people connect with their bodies when often this has been lost or never been established… I love to share the empowering strengths and support that yoga offers on both a physical and mental level and to keep an element of light-heartedness and fun in all my teachings. 


This is a class designed to slow flow seamlessly from one pose into the next using your breath to synchronise and support the movements.

Each class is unique and can be adapted to ANY body through modifications offered. Vinyasa can be strong, fast paced, slow, relaxing and meditative all in the same class. I often include pranayama, short meditations and reflections and kundalini kriyas in my vinyasa flow classes


My gentle yoga classes are suitable for those wanting to work at a more gentle pace and also beginners. I purposefully don't call these classes beginners classes as beginners all arrive with uniqueness and levels of fitness and inevitably progress at a different rate. I go at a slower pace in my gentle yoga and tend to place alot less emphasis on strength. This a perfect class for those wanting to tap into the fundamentals  of yoga. 


Yin is a quieter, more grounding form of yoga where positions are held for long periods of time in order to stretch beyond the muscle fibre and in to connective tissue. Yin, perhaps more than any other type of yoga, favours function over form. It focuses on target areas and recognises that every body is different, everyone's anatomy and history are unique and this means each pose affects each person differently. Yin works with finding that perfect balance between stretch and strength. It is also a form of moving meditation and one of my favourite self-practice styles to reach for. My Yin yoga sessions are finished with a 20 minute sound bath at the end of the session. 


Everything in our universe is information and energy vibrating at specific frequencies. Music is a powerful tool to guide consciousness into higher realms and induce healing.

Sound baths can be known to heal headaches, reduces anxiety, relieve blockages, reduces heart rate and blood pressure and aid the healing process. 

I use crystal sound bowls, other sound baths include gongs and Tibetan singing bowls. The idea is to be bathed in sound and to let the sound wash over you, 

I tend to incorporate my sound bath sessions with the meditative practise of yin but also offer separate sound bath session for private parties. 

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