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Whether a day, a weekend or a whole week a yoga retreat will provide the perfect opportunity to withdraw from everyday life and deepen your practice, whether that be body, mind, spirit or a bit of everything.

In a world that runs at the speed of lightening and one where the mind rarely gets an opportunity to stop, a yoga retreat provides the perfect space to step away from the noise and form a deeper connection with your true self.

Immersing yourself in the experience

Whilst on retreat you will be carefully guided through asana (movement), meditation (mind) and pranayama (breath).

I work my retreats like a story arc .. to begin with creating an opportunity to tap into what you are holding onto and no longer serves you, through this realisation providing an opportunity to let go. By letting go this provides the space within to receive and begin to sew new seeds and ignite new beginnings. This journey enables students to connect deeper and to be able to stand in their own personal power.

Different teachers offer different tools to form their retreat story, some will work with the beautiful simplicity of just movement and breath, others interweave nuggets of philosophy, aspects of nutrition and other healing tools.

What to expect

Yoga sessions will generally be offered in the mornings and the evenings. Morning sessions being more dynamic yang classes and evening sessions more yin. Sometimes additional workshops and wellness offerings will be included or on offer.

Whatever a retreat offers you will leave with new skills and awareness that can be developed long after the retreat has ended.

Words students have used to describe their feeling at the end of their retreats with me include: wisdom, clarity, peace, feeling lighter, wholeness, release, harmony, courage, strength, awakened.

Do you need to have yoga experience.

You may be worried that yoga retreats are for those with experience only. Please be assured that all levels are welcome. Some teachers, including myself, recommend a basic practice and knowledge simply because this will enable you to be more present and relax and immerse yourself on a deeper level. Asana / posture practice will generally be geared to a mid-level with modifications on offer.

How will it feel travelling alone?

Please never worry if you are travelling alone, it can be equally as beneficial as travelling with a companion. Before you have stepped through the door you will already have something fundamental in common with the others – an interest in yoga and the desire for a deeper connection.

Beautiful heartfelt often life-long connections can be formed on yoga retreats so please never worry if you are travelling alone.


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