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I was introduced to Kundalini as a part of my advanced teacher training in 2020 when my teacher Claire Missingham was also taking her Kundalini level 1 training .. I found it magical.. so different to anything else I had ever done.


I then began to attend workshops and classes and gradually began to integrate elements of my teachings into my classes but my curiosity and huger for more has continued to grow,


This January I embarked on my Kundalini training with the House of Kundalini and I am loving it… more than anything for me I’m blown away by how it makes me feel energetically.


I have always been fascinated by yoga philosophy and the spritual side of yoga and I bring a lot of this into my teachings, I also love how yoga makes my body feel, keeps me open, strong, balanced but there’s something about Kundalini its different– for me it can create a powerful fast shift like no other.


In short as there is sooooo much to say – to study and learn – like all layers of yoga it’s a life long journey not to ever be completed … but to be embraced,  Its frickin awescome.


It’s a practise often referred to as the yoga of awareness and encompasses a tapestry of ancient yogic techniques that facilitate the awakening and activation of inner consciousness – your true self at its pureness …. The focus is on the kundalini energy which resides at the base of the spine .. (Kundal actually means curl of hair of the beloved but this curl is often represented as a coiled snake) It is a feminine energy and should be free flowing but like all energies it can be blocked and stopped and without awareness and connection and movements can’t move freely up the spine… Kundalini yoga opens the spine where the 7 most important chakras are housed .. stimulates spinal fluids and enables our central energy channels to unblock.


The practise works with a carefully curated set of exercises which can  include breath-work, mudra, mantra, meditation and movement all to achieve a specific outcome, there other layers such as bandhas, third eye gaze, specific angles created in poses and timings used – it’s a science after all. These set of exercises are called kriyas (kri means to do or to create) and there are over 125000 of them…


When you work with a kriya   .. whether the desired outcome is to work with a body part, to sleep well, ignite or release an emotional state.. the kriya can offer an opportunity for immediate change. If you practise the same Kriya for longer even up to 120 days the effect is said to become more and more powerful.


OH AND BTW there is a pre conceived idea that you have to wear white clothes, turbans and beads..( there is a traditional heritage behind all of these suggestion) white is said to amplify the energy and aura of an individual and reflect the energy of others back to them, it is also represents the 7 colours of the chakras .. covering you head is said to to contain the energy of the ajna chakra the 6th chakra for focus and clarity… but rest assured you do not not need to conform to either practise or teach…


Kundalini asks us to check in with our egos, to let go of judgement and to embody the process.

I cannot wait to share this practise with you firstly I shall begin in person and then offer online classes. My first in person classes will begin in July and there is a 50% off voucher code for your first class. From Sept 24 classes will be running weekly on a Thursday evening from 7-8.15pm at Buckland Park Lake, Surrey.



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