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Beautiful Dancers pose (NATARAJASANA)

INSTRUCTIONS: Stand with feet together and focus on a fixed point Inhale and raise one arm to focus palm facing to the wall in front of you. Exhale bend the knee and hold the foot from the inside just below the toes.

NB: if you prefer to hold your foot from the outside this is fine just make sure you keep your knee tucked in as you lift up… Keep knees together. Thighs strong. Inhale and slowly lift your foot up, away from the floor. Pull up on the thigh of your grounded leg … lift up on the arch of the foot…Lift the leg as high as you can before starting to lower your torso slightly and transferring your weight into the ball of your grounded foot… Look up or forward.

TIPS: Look up.Keep upper body inline. Plant standing leg and pull thighs up. Don’t compress lower back. Don’t turn body outwards. Watching out for winging knees that come out to the side.

BEGINNERS : USE A WALL if you struggle with your balance

ADVANCED : Can use a belt around the foot or wear socks and begin to bring the foot closer to the back of your head.. you may even be able to bring your hand to the foot …

BENEFITS Balance. Therapeutic for the Nervous system. Rejuvenating. Energising. Good for balance. Great stretch for shoulders, chest, thighs, groin and abdomen.


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